B2- litter

X-Pected Dine Mites Black Out

Ajax lives in kennel Vom Sonnenbühl, Switzerland.

Show achievments:

  International Champion

  Danish Champion

  VDH Champion

  KFT Champion

  Deutscher Jugend Champion (VDH)

  Jugend Champion, Kft

  Bundesjugendsieger 2010

  May 2011: FCI Century Winner

- BOB and KFT Klubsieger 2011


Health testing:

2010, 2011: Eye excamination- Clear

2010: Patella excamination- 0-0, Clear

Has all teeth


X-Pected Dine Mites Black Velvet

Milo lives with us and is full of energy and loves to play.

More about her <<<HERE>>>

Show achievements:

  BIS 3 puppy

  Nordic Junior Winner 2010

  Internationa Champion,FCI

  Nordic Champion (Denmark, Norway, Sweden)


Health tests:

  Eye excam: clear

- Patella lux tested: 0-0, clear

  Has all teeth


X-Pected Dine Mites Black Tuxedo

Tux lives in Germany and is a part of kennel Tomtel's family.

Show Accievements:

  Several BOB with Certificates (Norway,Germany)

  Champion VDH

  Champion KFT

  VDH Europasieger 2012

  International Champion, FCI

  Bundessieger 2011 (Germany)

  Bundessieger 2012 (Germany)

Health tests:

  Patella lux: Clear

  X-rayed clear of Legg Perthes

  Eye-excamination: clear


  Has all teeth


X-Pected Dine Mites Black Label

Sonic lives in Kjeller, nearby Oslo together with the manchester terrier male Co-Boy (X-pected Dine Mites Co-boy).

Show achievements:

  Feb 2011: Res CC and 2. best male

Has all teeth



X-Pected Dine Mites Black Eyed Zalo

Zook lives in France.

In the Autumn 2010 he was hit by a car and broke his basin. But after an operation and quite a long recovery he is now luckily well again! Zook has all teeth.

zook,jul 2013

1x pected dine mites black label pedigree
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